Product Designer

Rashaad Baten

I love clean, purpose-driven design, the blockchain, and introducing people to 🔥 hip-hop. Product Design Lead at Sapling, building the design team and reenvisioning the HR experience.


Slant Summary

A retrospect of changes made to summary cards, a main elements of the Slant ecosystem, over the last few years.

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Slant Home

A front page redesign to focus new visitors to search.

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Slant Guides

An experiment to restructure Slant content into a more readable, generative format.

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Freelance project turning an MVP into a v1 app using Material Design.

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Design of an app to improve drink and food ordering in bars.

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As a designer, often some of our favorite work ends up not being made. The graveyard is the home of old projects, interaction experiments, and other things that I can't quite let go of yet.


Your commitment to diversity is terrifying

Why this minority prefers to work at small companies

Brute force design

Or, "I've already tried that."

Tackling UX homework

The process from research to wireframe

About Me.

I spend entirely too much time designing; my work is my hobby. But it’s not all pushing pixels, I also love olympic weightlifting, gaming, and spending time with my wife and doggos.

I met my wife while in high school in Germany, where we had the chance to travel around Europe. My wife is an Air Force officer, and we had the opportunity to learn Japanese and move to Japan. Through the Air Force we've met the most diverse groups of people, and now have a couch to sleep on in a good number of countries.

I began my career as a graphic designer working in advertising, creating logos, and designing print materials. More emphasis was being made on responsive web and mobile, so I began teaching myself html and css to help the agency. From there I discovered my love for mobile and mobile interactions. I’m now building and managing the design team at Slant, and redefining what it means to buy new products.