Slant Summary


One of the main elements of Slant has always been the summary card. Slant gathers information from across the web, as well as has contributions from the community, so determining what to show when is always at top of mind. We regularly run experiments and apply improvements to make sure we're balancing community, visitors, SEO, and business goals. The following are the bigger changes that we've done over the years.


The Beginning

This is where is what I came to when I joined Slant. The team has already been through many iterations to get to this place, and the meat of the information was on point, but there's always room for improvement.


Round 1

This is the first major change since joining Slant. We conducted user testing and interviewed current and new users to understand what changes the make. The major one was breaking out pros and cons to two column for better skimming and SEO benefits due to more on page. We also implemented button design improvements, increasing conversion, and introduced use images to show that content is community generated.


MOAR Content!

The major change in this iteration was adding even more content in the pros and cons, to improve SEO. We've also introduced more faces from the community, which clicked with visitors and helped them understand how content is generated. We also began adding numbers to cards to help visitors understand product rankings.



One of our fastest growing categories was gaming, and we felt that we needed a new type of card to display what was most important. This design rolled out for gaming with a focus on being able to watch videos while scrolling through the feed, displaying important specs about the game, and game descriptions to understand the variety of products you'll see.


The Big Change

The most significant change that we've done over the years where we've rolled together things that we've learned throughout the years. We've got larger and more images across the top. We're focusing a lot on displaying quality images and videos that visitors will be able to access immediately in the feed, and we've knocked out a ton of content, but left it accessible behind the tabs/carousel. This allows us to get all the sweet, sweet SEO benefits, but still allows us to only display the most important information right up front.