Product Designer



A fun, 5-month redesign for a company that is creating tools for communication on construction sites in Brazil. The goal was to improve the user flow and polish the MVP version of the current app.


The first step was to analyze the workflow and figure out where the user flow was breaking down or more complicated than it needed to be. Construct already had a lot of great feedback from users actively using the app in the field, so I had a solid place to start with a list of pain points.

Shots of the original MVP created by Construct.

To make sure that I had the freshest feedback, I requested user testing sessions to see exactly how users were interacting with the MVP. Construct is located in Brazil and my Portuguese is nonexistent, so a member of the team conducted interviews. To help make sure the session ran smoothly, I wrote out a testing script and guidelines to make sure the proper questions were being asked.

After analyzing user feedback, the wireframes aligned well with the direction that we thought we should be going. So from there we continued wireframes, and began hi-fi design and prototyping. We decided to follow Google Material Design closely because, anecdotally, the vast majority of the app users used Android.

New screens organized and designed for Construct.

Something that I really enjoy focusing on is how the end user interacts with the app and making sure the experience is on point. Every interaction was prototyped in Keynote to get a rough idea of how everything will work.

A walkthrough of Construct's normal user flow.


I moved on from Construct before the project was completely finished, so I don't know the exact stats or details of the end of the project. The design section of the project was finished with all assets and files handed off to development with animation guides and written specs.